New Step by Step Map For Phap Luan Dai Phap

Major tributary units build in the reduced basin. These methods can be separated into two groups: tributaries that contribute to the key moist year flows, and tributaries that drain low aid locations of decrease rainfall.

mantra Chant used largely to aid concentration, to achieve enlightenment. The top-recognised Buddhist mantra is maybe Om mani padme hum

koan A Tale, problem, challenge or statement commonly inaccessible to rational comprehending, however could be available to Intuition

teisho A presentation by a Zen master through a sesshin. Instead of an explanation or exposition in the normal sense, it is meant as an indication of Zen realisation

jhana Meditative contemplation; more often related to śamatha practices than vipaśyana. See also: shamata, samadhi, samapatti

han In Zen monasteries, wood board that is certainly struck saying dawn, sunset and the end on the working day

dokusan A private Conference amongst a Zen pupil along with the grasp. It is a crucial element in Rinzai Zen instruction, as it provides a chance for the coed to exhibit understanding

Descriptions from the 3 durations also appear in other sutras, a few of which ascribe unique lengths of time to them (Even though all concur that Mappō will previous for ten,000 many years).

Broadly, you'll find a few kinds of fish habitats in the Mekong: website here i) the river, including all the leading tributaries, rivers in the main flood zone, as well as Tonle Sap, which entirely generate about thirty percent of wild catch landings; ii) rain-fed wetlands outside the house the river-floodplain zone, including largely rice paddies in formerly forested spots and usually inundated to about 50 cm, yielding about 66 per cent of wild capture landings; and iii) substantial water bodies outside the flood zone, such as canals and reservoirs yielding about 4 per cent of wild capture landings.[three]

Laos has two dams beneath development within the mainstream, and Yet another have a peek at this website seven planned or proposed; Cambodia has two planned or proposed. The Mekong is the swiftest developing significant river basin on earth when it comes to hydropower building.[twelve]

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The minimal tide level of the river in Cambodia is lessen compared to the superior tide level out at sea, plus the flow in the Mekong inverts While using the tides all through its stretch in Vietnam and as many as Phnom Penh.

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Given that the Mekong enters Cambodia, above 95 p.c of its flows have presently joined the river.[eight] From below on downstream the terrain is flat and drinking water levels as opposed to circulation volumes figure out the movement of h2o through the landscape.

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